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Which of the following fictional places would you most like to visit? July 5, 2016
If you were given the opportunity to master one art skill overnight, which would you choose? May 10, 2016
Do you believe in the power of the arts to transform hearts, minds, and history? May 4, 2016
What is the most difficult part about creating a new piece of art? April 29, 2016
Besides DeviantArt, what is your favorite print service? March 25, 2015
Who would you most like to be trapped with in a small cabin during a snowstorm in the remote woods for an entire three-day holiday weekend (with no Internet)? March 6, 2015
Which of these people would you most like to meet and get to know? February 9, 2015
Which cloud storage service, if any, do you use? February 9, 2015
Which of these mythic creatures would you most like to be given as a birthday present? January 21, 2015
What is your most anticipated film of 2015? November 28, 2014
If you could hang one painting in your living room to inspire every day of the rest of your life, what would it be? November 10, 2014
Which style of painting strikes you instinctually as the most purely beautiful? November 4, 2014
What is your favorite Horror Comedy? October 31, 2014
Which smartphone operating system do you use? October 29, 2014
Does art secretly reveal anything about the artist? October 23, 2014
Is the meaning of a work of art <I>that which the artist meant it to be</I>, or <I>what it means to the viewer</I>? October 12, 2014
As the year end holidays begin to approach, how are you feeling about your general Quality of Life and level of happiness towards the end of 2014? October 10, 2014
Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them? August 22, 2014
Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are? July 8, 2014
Are you following the World Cup? June 30, 2014
What type of feedback/response do you feel is most impactful for new deviants? May 27, 2014
Do you create Collections for yourself, or to share and feature artwork with others? April 13, 2014
Is objectifying a woman's body a violation of the principles of feminism or does it embrace them? March 20, 2014
How do you discover new artwork on deviantART? January 29, 2014
Are the arts, or the making of art, a pathway to getting you through tough times? December 24, 2013